whittling away over here!

Here’s a panel I’ve been working on for a couple weeks now. It’s my interpretation of the crazy & wonderful painting above the bar at The Rite Spot. We’re having a group show there in a couple months organized by @greermcgettrick and every piece in the show will pay homage to that painting. If you haven’t been to The Rite Spot, you’re missing out.

Rite Spot Group Show.jpg

Spilling The Beans

Here’s my most recent panel - I’ve been keeping this one under wraps because it was a surprise BUT i just spilled the beans! This panel references a quick lil sketch I finished a few months back.


September 2018

This past week has been a test of endurance! Wednesday I finished my first stained glass window, Thursday night I worked on a 3 hour long pose of Tendai and topped the evening off with my friend Natalie at the Lone Palm. Then I tended bar at the 500 club Friday night, attended a wedding in Oakland Saturday, worked happy hour at the 5 on Sunday and started Monday morning off with a triptych of 15 minute drawings. Tomorrow I officially start my second window! more pictures to come :)