When your night light flips you the bird 🐦🌄🌌💡

Here’s a new lil’ night light commission that I finished up yesterday. If you live in the bay area I will have a grip of these for sale at The Bench Gallery in Fayes! Fayes is a really great strong hold in the mission near Dolores Park. They are a video store thats been able to adapt to the gentrification of the mission district in San Francisco and i’m really happy to be welcomed on for a show there at the end of September this year. Now they’ve expanded and sell coffee, pastries, cards, artwork, ceramics and much more. Also - they are celebrating their 20th year in business! I’ll have a bunch of large light box paintings for sale there too.

If you are unable to come check out the show and are interested in getting one of these little guys for yourself send me an email and we can work something out! :)