Stained Glass Night Light Making With Natalie

Made our first stained glass night light test run today and it felt great! To top off the excitement it was Natalie’s first stained glass project and design! There was quite a bit of leftover glass from my previous panel so we had a lot to work with. So pleased with the way it turned out. Funny how some smaller accomplishments can feel more significant than larger ones. In other exciting news I plan on making a grip of these for Fort Mason Renegade Craft Fair in November. Stay tuned!!


Soldering Exhaust System

OK everyone, I’m really dang excited about my new soldering exhaust set up! If you’re not interested in stained glass soldering exhaust systems I would definitely skip this entire post. If you’re interested in setting up your own soldering station at home, you should read this! I spent a lot of time researching the perfect exhaust and I couldn’t be happier. I decided to go with this set up below, all available on Amazon (I linked each image to their amazon page). It was really important to me get the hobby kit extension because it allowed me to make the gap out my window smaller. The plastic hobby hose is extremely sturdy and holds it shape well. It was definitely more expensive than just a regular aluminum foil vent but I will be using it often and I think it was worth the extra couple bucks. I also chose to go with the grower exhaust fan because it is really quiet, can be taken apart easily and has a built in base making it a bit sturdier than the other ones i’ve seen online.


David Hockney / fourth wall

Here are a couple small composition sketches I made the other evening when studying David Hockney’s landscape watercolors. When i’m looking for inspiration I tend to sketch paintings I love. It helps me gain understanding and break the fourth wall separating me (the viewer) from the artist/maker. If you haven’t checked out Hockney’s recent paintings I would highly recommend doing so! He is unbelievably talented and his later work is so different from what he was originally known for.

Hockney drawings by kerbi 1.JPG
Hockney drawings by kerbi 2.jpeg

David Hockney Midsummer: East Yorkshire 2004

New Day, New Studio!

Things are finally coming together here in my new studio. Should be officially up and running by Monday! Looking forward to finishing up some commissions i’ve been waiting to start as well as a group show around the corner :) Thanks for all the support everyone!

Spilling The Beans

Here’s my most recent panel - I’ve been keeping this one under wraps because it was a surprise BUT i just spilled the beans! This panel references a quick lil sketch I finished a few months back.


4 months of progress 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

For those of you who don’t know, last year I started up a rug side project called UnderToe SF. It’s been slow moving but rewarding. I’ve been working on the rug pictured below for over a year. Hundreds of hours later i am still not finished! I apologize, rug makers of the world, for thinking I can jump into something like this so effortlessly.

One of my favorite things to tell people about this project is that all the yarn included in this latch hook rug is second-hand or recycled. I’ve been lucky enough to find 100% mothproofed wool, but because its second-hand and out of production, slight discoloration has occurred. In this sense it seems to have driven my color palette.

November 2018

November 2018

March 2019

March 2019

A pause, with my grandma Joan


Hi everyone,

I keep on doubling back to this insanely beautiful glass wall at the Miami Airport. It’s called Harmonic Convergence by Christopher Janney. It was quite literally, a sanity check-point while navigating a long pilgrimage from The Florida Keys to Chicago with my 86 year old grandmother, Joan. After having to psychically body check a woman who almost knocked my grandmother over, we took a moment to gather our bearings and reposition our luggage. With our luck, it happened in front of Janney’s windows.

‘Dear rude lady - thank you for almost knocking my grandmother over because if you hadn’t, we would have never paused to admire this installation.’


Meanwhile in Chicago, we had a nice time riding through O’hare Airport. This is Sky’s The Limit, a 1987 permanent installation by Michael Hayden. Having grown up in Chicago, I’ve spent hours of my life walking through this installation. It is still one of my favorite experiential pieces. It also started my life long romance with airport art.


And Today, It's Raining


Spent some time this morning drinking coffee and listening to Michael Hurley, trying to find inspiration online. I came across Yan Cong, an artist and cartoonist living in Beijing. Thought his work was something more than special and wanted to share with you all. The image clicks through to a gallery in Beijing that shows his work. The artist bio below was also borrowed from that gallery.

Yan Cong (b. 1983, Hubei, China)

Yan Cong (b. 1983, Hubei, China)

Yan Cong, birth name Peng Han, is currently based in Beijing and was graduated from The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Chinese painting department in Beijing. His creation of work is diversifying, like comic, painting, collage and even fabric art. The content of the works tend to himself as the protagonist, the structure is in his own life as the foundation, but in which mixed with a lot of fiction fantasy, let the audience mistakenly think that work is the artist's life, There is a sense of "reality".

Michael Hurley - Penguins