My drawings have changed a lot over the years. To be honest, I often get stuck with a certain style, and then fall into an unproductive slump. In order to avoid that, (this may be helpful if you're like me) I try new materials, techniques and subject matter. There have been two constants pleasures throughout this process, one being my love of figure drawing and other being the self fulfilling act of making.

There was a time when I cherished things, treasures, that visually described my identity. The act of living has washed that away now. Many of those objects have become lost, old, or broken. I don't like watching things age, or become ruined through mistreatment and poor handling, especially my own. I know that everything object will eventually fall victim to old age, and housing those treasures, harbors that burden. I know I alone can't protect objects, I am really only good at making them.